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RNK Sun Systems is providing qualitative services blended with advance technology to our clients in a competitive rim of services in computer Amc in delhi, computer Delhi & NCR. Our performance and work attract different companies in Government & Private Sector to hire us for their Desktop and Laptop services; computer amc in Delhi so far we had undertaken AMC services for Government projects, small organizations and big corporate hardware and successfully build a relationship with great experience and response from our clients. We take requirement from our clients and accordingly proceed with your configuration guideline.

We are having the inventory of the computer spares and we are sure that we will minimize your down time to great extent. Our teams of support engineers are alert 24X7 to solve your problem in both of Software or Hardware and infrastructure.

There are two types of annual computer maintenance service that we can provide.

  • CAMCs (Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract) where all spares and labour inclusive.
  • (Annual service contracts) where all the service is committed and the spares and components are to be provided or paid on actual but services would be provided by us.

We have designed the contracts with the smaller and larger business in mind; we offer custom made annual support agreements that have a number of benefits of our other services and suitable for your requirement. We also offer the software to take Remote of computer control. We will not just do the maintenance of your computer hardware but will also be providing a complete computer support solution; we will put together a package that will come under your budget. So before you give us a long term contract, you can check our competence by calling us for on-site service or workshop computer services.