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Among an IT department’s many concerns is replacing old equipment and adding new computers. But before you spend extensive funds on computer purchases, consider the following: you can meet all of your same needs and save money by renting computers rather than buying. Computer rental is a cost effective strategy for companies looking to use such equipment for training, presentations, and short-term projects and employees.

1. Save on Capital – As any business should be small and medium size businesses are concerned with large capital expenditures. This is particularly true if a company is undergoing rapid growth. While computer equipment is a necessary purchase, appropriating a sizable portion of a business’ budget toward computers may cause a company to compromise in other areas, such as with infrastructure.

Individual computers can cost thousands of rupees while they can be rented at a small fraction of that cost.

Also note that you can save money if you’re undecided about which particular model you want to use, test-run a variety instead of outright purchasing a model or type that may end up gathering dust. Renting computers is a good investment in the company, allocating capital for other vital expenses and saving money, particularly in the short term.

2. Receive Tax Benefits – Computer rentals provide a tax-deductible option for your business. All rental payments for computers are fully tax deductible. While you can also reduce taxes by claiming depreciation on purchased computers, you’ll more than likely be able to claim higher benefits by choosing deductions through computer rental payments.

3. Save On Maintenance and Setup – By renting computers, you can forget the worry and time associated with setting up equipment. Rental firms will completely configure the computer equipment and even upload custom software, in addition to installing (and later removing) rental equipment.

4. Get the Equipment You Need, When You Need It – Short-term computer rentals are an excellent option when you need additional or specialized computer equipment for a short period of time, whether it is for a tradeshow, training courses, or for temporary or contract employees. Rather than purchasing the computers and peripherals you need, a rental provider can offer you projectors, laptops, displays, tablets, printers and more at a fraction of the cost. You will only rent this technology for the time you need it.

  • Saves huge one-time investments.
  • Saved cost on hiring Trained Engineers for maintenance.
  • Prompt Services, AMC/Warranty on all equipments.